World domination

Alero World read the twitter feeds and facebook post. He heard the rumors that were swirling the school he had just transferred to his junior year. He, like everyone else, didn’t know what to believe. He had heard that his athletic director had stepped down and that his basketball coach took the same job at West Seneca West High School.

He had heard that a lot of classmates were transferring to different schools. There were even rumors that the athletic program might be shut down for a year so to get its house in order. Through all the talk and the rumors there was one constant – Alero World was going anywhere.

Over the summer, Bishop Timon High School was going through a state of flux. A lot of changes were happening within the school with a new principal, athletic director and coaches. There was a lot to take in as students and parents didn’t know what to think.

Students saw their classmates transfer to other schools like South Park and West Seneca West. They saw them jumping ship as Timon looked more like the Titantic taking on water then a school that has served the South Buffalo community for more than 60 years.

It was a busy summer, but the school has started to tread water. New athletic director Joe Licata has brought in a calming voice. The football team went through its struggles, but competed and the basketball program hasn’t missed a beat with new coach Jason Rowe.

With everything that was going, World never wavered from his love of Bishop Timon. He never wavered from the traditions that Timon has stood for over the years. To him it was just a blip on the radar.

“With all the drama surrounding the program and the school over the summer, I ultimately wanted to do what was best for me but also wanted to support the Timon program. When I knew that Jason Rowe was hired as our head coach, I knew it would be a great situation for me and our team,” stated World. “Being a part of the Timon tradition is special. In my opinion, I would say that we have the best student section in WNY. Every time I get out on the court and see the Timon Militia on the side lines I know that we have great fan support.”

The Timon Militia definitely have something to cheer for. The Tigers are off to a hot start as the calendar changed to 2018. Many thought they would be a laughing stock because of everything that has happened over the summer.
That hasn’t been the case, and World is one of the main reasons why. World is the kind of new age player that has been taking over the game recently. He is big enough to play down on the low blocks, but can also step outside and shoot the jumper.

His type of play makes it hard for opposing coaches to game plan against him. It’s not like you can put a small forward on him because he can post them up. You put a big guy on him, and World will draw him outside which will then open the lane.

“I would consider myself an all-around player. I have the size to play inside and a skill set to play the wing. During the offseason, I worked really hard on my skill work and basketball IQ. I love to just be able to play the game and know that I am getting better each and every time I play. It's a great feeling,” stated World. “My height and length could possibly cause some problems defensively.”

Staying at Timon has turned out to be a great decision for World and his family. When Rowe came on board to coach the Tigers it was like a match made in heaven. Rowe is a 15-year veteran of the European game. He is a legend here in Buffalo for his play in high school and college.

With all his experience overseas, Rowe knows how to coach up someone like World. Rowe has seen this type of player while playing in France and Italy, to name a few.

“Coach Rowe is great. He wants to win as much as we do and that shows his love for the game. I really like what coach Rowe and coach Licata are doing with our Timon Athletics. Both are focused as much on our academics as on our success on the court,” stated Rowe. “With coach's 15-year career overseas, I tend to hang on every word that he says. He is very smart and knows how the game of basketball works. It is great to learn from someone with his basketball background.”

Hanging with Rowe isn’t a bad thing. World would like to take his talents to the next level. That’s one of the reasons why he chose to attend Timon. He knew by taking his talents to Timon that he would face some of the best competition in Western New York.

It seems that the Monsignor Martin has seen a rebirth of sorts with their basketball programs. Programs like Canisius and St. Joe’s have always been at the top. But schools like St. Francis, St. Mary’s and O’Hara have seen a rebirth, which is making the league much deeper.

Add in Park School and Nichols and every night in the Monsignor Martin is turning into a dog fight. It’s one of the reasons why World came to Timon. He wanted to see how his game would translate against some of the best players and teams in Western New York.

“My biggest adjustment while attending an All-Boys Catholic school was the competition level. The competition level in an All- Boys Catholic school is intense, everyone wants to be the best in what they do no matter if it is sports or academics. It exposed me to a much higher level,” stated World. “To play at the next level, I feel that I have to work on being more active on the wing. When I go to college to play basketball, I will be going up against people taller and even broader than I am, so I need to improve my skill to have a chance to play the wing at the collegiate level.”

Alero World could have went to play ball anywhere during his senior year. He didn’t need the drama that was going over the summer. But, that wasn’t him. He wanted to be a leader on the court. He wanted to be someone the South Buffalo community could be proud off.

He’s succeeded.